Time and the Tree Book by Róisín Sorahan
"A genre-busting masterpiece full of pacy storytelling, wry dialogue and philosophical challenge..."
Declan Kiberd
Author, Professor Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame, and leading authority on modern Irish literature
"Time and the Tree by Róisín Sorahan is truly a masterpiece..."
San Francisco Book Review
(5/5 star rating)
"Time and the Tree is a beautiful debut from a talented author."
Manhattan Book Review
Time and the Tree Book by Róisín Sorahan
"(The) most beautiful book I have ever read."
Patricia Scanlan
"Time and the Tree is unlike anything I've read in contemporary literature - a beautiful fable fit for difficult and confusing days."
Luke Gerwe
Associate Editor, PBS NewsHour
"Hope and positivity flows from the pages of this lyrical story as we navigate the ever-changing seasons in this magical forest."
LoveReading (UK)
"...its simple and crisp plot can only be described as sublime."
Readers' Favorite
(5/5 star rating)